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November 24, 2015 : Team Member Spotlight
  • Team Member Spotlight: David Charney
Team Member Spotlight: David Charney
At Capital Homes, our goal of “Building Trust” begins with the people on our team that uphold our Capital Standards. We are thrilled for the opportunity to allow you to better know our team. Expression of gratitude is a way of life for everyone here at Capital, especially our owner, David Charney. Meet David and read more about how he strives to maintain an “attitude of gratitude” each day.

David Charney

Q. How do you define gratitude?
A. For me, gratitude is a thankfulness for the things in your life. It goes beyond those powerful concepts that provoke wonderful emotion, but also extends to the simple and everyday things in nature. It’s almost as if there are two different types of sources that one should be aware of that generate gratitude.

Q. It’s easy to overlook those simple things. How do you personally focus on being grateful?
A. It should be part of your personal habit or routine to say thank you for the blessings of home, friendship, health and love. It’s easy to let those things inadvertently fall to the bottom of the list when they should be at the top. Many faith traditions suggest a prayerful reflection at the beginning of each day to acknowledge the things that we might otherwise take for granted. There have been days when I didn’t necessarily feel my best, but you have to awaken that gracious spirit and demand it get in gear. If one does that over a lifetime, it becomes a habit – a healthy habit that brings joy to your life.

Q. How do you encourage the Capital family to have a grateful spirit?
A. It starts with the leadership team having a grateful attitude and surrounding themselves with people that have a thankful predisposition. We try to model it throughout the day so that people can see expressions of thankfulness for those seemingly simple items. If one is not afraid to acknowledge them verbally, it begins to foster a culture of others doing the same. It could be something as simple as acknowledging a warm sunny day in January, meeting a modest workplace goal or finishing a project that was a longtime coming or simply completing a more mundane task.

The idea is to make a habit of frequently pausing to express thanks. It’s easy to let it flounder if you don’t continue to practice it.

Q. How does Capital express gratitude to its homebuyers?
A. It’s an extremely important task to have the opportunity to help someone achieve the dream of homeownership. There are many ways one can make a living, but I think we should be especially thankful to help people realize the dream of moving into their own home and owning a piece of the earth. That’s a very big deal! We try to thank our customers by being respectful, fair and considerate, even if we make mistakes.

Q. When you receive gratitude from your homebuyers, how does that impact you?
A. It’s the best part of our job! It’s especially fulfilling to receive a thankful expression from home owners who never thought they would be able to achieve homeownership. There’s no better part of what we do than feeling their warm, thankful embrace.

Q. Outside of your work with Capital Homes, what are you grateful for?
A. My greatest expressions of gratitude are reserved for my spouse, my family and my faith community. The role of parenting in particular is one of the most challenging, but by far the most gratifying of all my endeavors. My wife and I are thankful for the obligation to create a strong family unit and to parent with diligence so I can create a family that will be an important contributor to the overall community. I feel that we all have a duty to begin with ourselves and our families as we strive to improve our communities and help repair the world.

Q. In which areas of your life do you wish you had more opportunity to show your gratitude?
A. The abundance of food and comforts are the things that are most often taken for granted. I could do a better job of consistently reflecting on how fortunate I am to live in this time of history and this country with the freedom and plenty that is available to so many.

We also have a duty to recognize that those freedoms and plenty are not available to all. I’ve found that a grateful spirit tends to make you work harder for social justice for all. There’s a connection. It’s easy to take a full belly and a warm blanket for granted when you’ve always got one. Many in our community still go to bed cold and hungry. A grateful attitude helps us to recognize how difficult life can be for some, and then spurs us to action to help make their lives better.

About Capital Homes

About Capital Homes

Capital Homes has always valued trust as the foundation of its business. We strive to create a strong, trusting relationship with each customer and approach decisions with a sense of fairness as a guiding light. For this reason, we long ago adopted “We Build Trust” as our motto.