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December 03, 2015 : Housing Market
  • Tulsans Enjoy Quick Commute Times

As a new home builder, we’re shamelessly proud to help people have the opportunity to live in and around Tulsa. It’s physically beautiful, historically rich, and extremely friendly. However, an often overlooked gem in Tulsa’s crown is something true Tulsans take for granted, and new-to-town folks rave about: Tulsa has great commute times.

Don’t just take our word for it. A 2005 U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey lists Tulsa as having the second shortest commute times among 65 metro areas, with a 20.3-minute average each way. By 2013, that number had only grown to 21.2 minutes – still well below the national average of 25.8 minutes.

It doesn’t even really matter where you start in and around Tulsa – say Bixby or Owasso or Broken Arrow. According to a national traffic study from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, our roadway congestion index is only 0.69, compared to a national average or 1.06. And in many areas, you might even be able to bike or walk to work, given the Tulsa area’s extensive biking trails.

Tulsa’s commute times are intentional by the city’s designers. Its alphabetically and numerically arranged streets, proximity of three major highways and the soon-to-be-newly redesigned IDL, or inner dispersal loop, quickly get Tulsans to their destinations with ease.

It’s just not the same elsewhere: Dallas Morning News says you’ll easily spend at least 28 minutes getting to work in and around Dallas. Entrepreneur Magazine came up with its top ten cities with the longest commute times, with Tulsa nowhere to be found on the list. Obviously, cities like New York City and Chicago top the list, but surprises include Baltimore and San Jose.

Tulsa is full of big-city advantages, but it also has retained a lot of the small-town perks. And, when you’re getting to work faster – and more importantly to the things you really want to do – those small-town perks really matter.

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