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December 14, 2015 : Homeowner Spotlight
  • Homeowner Spotlight:  Jennifer and Brandon

At Capital Homes, we build trust – with the members of our team, the vendors with whom we partner, and the homebuyers we serve. We are thrilled for the opportunity to share how we do business.

In our very first “Homeowner Spotlight,” we are pleased to introduce to you Sarah and Brandon, who recently built a Capital Home in Manchester at Yorktown, Bixby. 


Sarah and Brandon

Capital Homeowners


Q. How long have you owned a Capital Home?

A. We’ve owned this home for about 3 months, but we actually purchased an existing home built by Capital before this and loved it. As our family grew, we needed additional room for the little ones, so we started looking at the Yorktown neighborhood.


Q. Why did you decide to stay with Capital Homes?

A. Capital by far had the best price per square foot. Also, we walked through different houses and floorplans, but it seemed a lot of the other homes had wasted space. Capital homes were efficient with space, and the floorplan was everything we wanted.


Most importantly – our previous home was really well built. By the time we left, it was almost 8 years old and hadn’t had any issues.


Q. Why did you decide to build a new home instead of buying an existing home?

A. For the area, the price was about the same, but we got to pick out our own options. If we were going to do go through the home buying process, we wanted to get everything we wanted. The only way to control that was to build. We didn’t think we could do it at our age, but the interest rates were low, so it made sense.


Q. What are your favorite parts of your new home?

A. Features like the granite countertops and the open floorplan. It seems funny, but I also really like the door at the top of the stairs. It blocks the noise when people are up there. I’ll say it seemed like we had less options to choose from than some of the other builders, but it made it easier to choose everything with our busy lives. And the options go well together – it’s hard to get a bad combination.


Q. What are some of your favorite things about Yorktown?

A. The park, jogging trail, soccer goal, splash pad and playground equipment are all within walking distance, which is nice. Plus Yorktown is closer to things than our previous neighborhood.


Q. What is your favorite part of being a homeowner?

A. Space and the quiet. We lived in an apartment while this home was being built, and it was fine, but you hear the traffic on the stairs and people coming in and out.


Q. What is your favorite memory in your new home, so far?

A. All of my family came to town for Thanksgiving, and we had 6 guests in the house, but space wasn’t an issue!


Q. What are you looking forward to doing in your new home?

A. Reorganizing the house and getting things where we want it. We had the furniture for a much smaller house, so we’re looking forward to decking out the upstairs!

About Capital Homes

About Capital Homes

Capital Homes has always valued trust as the foundation of its business. We strive to create a strong, trusting relationship with each customer and approach decisions with a sense of fairness as a guiding light. For this reason, we long ago adopted “We Build Trust” as our motto.