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February 02, 2016 : Home Owner Tips
  • Selecting a Home that is Uniquely You

One of the many benefits of building versus buying is getting the home you’ve always wanted. No need to worry about peeling wallpaper, knocking down walls, or removing outdated carpet. You pick the home that is uniquely you!

When guidance is needed, our expert new home specialists help ensure your home matches your lifestyle, needs, and preferences. Michael Sorrell, new home specialist for Lake Valley and Maple Glen in Owasso, says selections are such an important part of the home building process, he’s already keeping preferences in mind as customers walk through model homes.

“Some people come in with a look picked out in their heads, but others just have a hit list of what they don’t want,” says Michael. “These are things we want to keep in mind when we’re looking at floorplans so they aren’t getting into a home that doesn’t meet their requirements.”

Builders use a variety of approaches when homebuyers choose features for their homes. The most common is scheduling appointments with a variety of outside vendors to select everything from flooring and lighting to fixtures and finishes.

“It can get very overwhelming, especially if this is your first home,” says Michael. “You have endless options to choose from, which is fantastic, but you also don’t have the benefit of seeing everything together.”

This is just one way Capital Homes is different. Each Capital model home has an on-site selection room where customers can pick out all options at once. The Capital team has already vetted the products it offers, to ensure high quality and standards, and ultimately, cost-effective options that enhance resale value.

“We spend a lot of time as a company negotiating the best options, colors and styles at a variety of price points,” says Michael. “Within each price point, we might have 4-5 options for each item, so it makes the selections process a lot less overwhelming while still giving homebuyers the opportunity to make a house their own unique home.”

Some components, such as lighting or appliances, are also offered in packages of matching styles and price points to give homebuyers a cost break. That said, there are some parts of the Capital Homes process that homebuyers do not have the option to change.

Some customers are surprised to learn leaving something out of the house for a buyer to “DIY” – such as custom flooring or lighting – is not the most beneficial option for their homes. “Capital is one of the most affordable and best quality homes on the market, and the way we get there is by negotiating and cherry picking vendor relationships that provide the best value,” says Michael. “Making a change in that process means compromising craftsmanship of our homes.”

Keeping your selections within the Capital offerings means our building a home you can trust and that we are proud to put our name behind. Come visit one of our selection rooms to get ideas for your own home. See you soon!

About Capital Homes

About Capital Homes

Capital Homes has always valued trust as the foundation of its business. We strive to create a strong, trusting relationship with each customer and approach decisions with a sense of fairness as a guiding light. For this reason, we long ago adopted “We Build Trust” as our motto.