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August 02, 2016 : Home Owner Tips
  • No Fail Feng Shui: Tips to Arrange Furniture in Your House
After having almost three full months off, it can be hard to get the kids (or, let's be honest, ourselves) ready to go back to school. We've put together a list of tips to help your family ease back into school mode and be ready to take on the upcoming school year:

Even though feng shui principles are complex, it's easy (even for beginners!) to define a feng shui plan for your home.

Feng shui decorating doesn't necessarily mean creating a Zen-type home; it means creating an environment that has the best energy to support the activities intended for that space.

Here are some simple ways to incorporate the art of Feng Shui into your home:

Clear the Clutter

It's that extra "stuff" that can clog up your space. Do you know what's under you r bed? Grab a flashlight and find out! From old tax returns, to clothes you don't wear, to keepsakes that are no longer meaningful -- embrace the phrase "out with the old, in with the new." Clearing these spaces allows for a home's energy to flow freely.

Don't Ignore Your Front Door

Your front door should be able to open at a 90-degree angle and should have no shoes or distractions nearby. Let the space around the front door "breathe". Also, add a welcome mat that exudes a welcoming energy and best represents your home/personality.

Embrace Color

Color is a powerful way to shift the energy in your home and bring desired results much more quickly. There are five elements of Fung Shui: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. For example, Red (Fire) will evoke passion and high energy in a room. Find out more about how to properly incorporate these elements into your home here.

Ban Electronics and Workout Equipment from the Bedroom

Evaluate if there are areas of your life where technology is doing more harm than good. For most people, the bedroom is that space. Ditching the smartphone or laptop in the sheets can help your catch better z's and increase conversation with a spouse. Remember, rooms serve purposes! Balance Your Nightstands

Nightstands create balance in a room and security around a bed (which is why you should have two). The nightstands put beside a bed can also be a symbol of a current romantic relationship or a desired one. Find a design that you admire and enjoy looking at every night. You should spend 1/3 of your day sleeping, so make sure you LOVE your bedroom!

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