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How It Works

The truth is, purchasing a new home can be overwhelming no matter where you are in the process. Whether you are saving for a down payment or wondering if you can afford home ownership, let Capital Homes guide you through a rewarding experience. Here's what you can expect:



Which funding option is best for you?

There are countless options when it comes to financing your home. Capital Homes preferred lenders will listen to your needs and wants, and only then identify the best financial strategy for you. This cheat sheet compares the benefits of some of the most common loans on the market - all of which are offered by our preferred lenders.

Get a Clean Slate



Become Pre-qualified.

How can you strengthen your credit score? Which loan program best meets your needs? What can you comfortably afford? Our preferred lenders have decades of experience in the industry and have helped thousands of people just like you work through these questions. With their guidance, you can become pre-qualified for a loan and realize your dream of homeownership.

Remember Your Budget



Select your home.

Now the fun begins! Schedule an appointment with Capital Homes and design the right home for you. Capital Homes includes numerous features in its base price, but also offers specific upgrades you may add to the house to make it home. Capital Homes and your lender will help ensure your choices remain within your budget.

Find Your Home



Behind the scenes.

From the time you finalize the options in your home, your lender and Capital Homes work together to ensure a timely and seamless closing. We work with appraisers, inspectors, and contractors on your behalf. Capital Homes speaks with your lender regularly, to keep each other -- and  you -- advised of the progress of your loan and home construction. Approximately 30 days before closing, Capital Homes will confirm your closing date with you and provide your lender with all documents it needs to approve your file for closing.




Stay consistent and in contact.

While your home is being built, avoid making any major financial decisions. Keep in mind your pre-qualification is based on your financial snapshot at that time. Refinancing an automobile, making a major purchase, or even changing your marital status of job can adversely affect your credit score by the time of closing. This could lead to a higher monthly payment -- or worse -- the inability for you to obtain a loan. Continue efforts to improve your credit, consult your lender before making any big changes, and be in touch with Capital Homes and your lender. This will set you up for a successful closing!

Built Better



Finalize loose ends.

Within 30 days of closing, your lender will ask you for a final proof of funds, completed closing paperwork, and verification of employment. A few days before closing, your lender will provide a "clear to close", advising you are all set for closing.

A few days before closing, Capital Homes will also walk you through your home to explain its many features and provide tips for maintaining your home in top condition. Once your home is complete, an appointment will be scheduled with a local title company to facilitate the transfer of funds to Capital Homes in addition to the transfer of the title to you. Welcome to homeownership!

Welcome Home Get Started

Preferred Lenders

We have partnered with local mortgage lending offices that are able to help take the mystery out of financing a home. Every family is different; so is every mortgage. Finding a lender you know you can trust has never been more important. Contact a Capital Homes Sales Counselor today to see which Lender may best fit your needs.

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