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We Love Our Realtors!

At Capital Homes, we strive to not only meet the needs of every client, but to exceed their expectations. From the first appointment with our Sales Executive to the end of the entire Home Warranty process, we strive to Build Trust with everything we do.

We are constantly looking for ways to make our home buying process smoother for our Realtors.
Our Sales Executives take great care of your clients and keep the process moving forward, even if you are swamped with other clients. You can depend on us to help you from beginning to end. After all, we want you to look good for referring your clients to us!

Please take the time to register your clients with us to ensure we know who you are working with:

Broken Arrow Magnolia $169,256 1,303 3 2 2
Broken Arrow Madison $240,059 2,032 3 2 2
Broken Arrow Kennedy $271,987 2,128 3 2 3
Broken Arrow Columbus $247,274 2,035 3 2.5 3
Broken Arrow Concord $253,462 2,219 3 2.5 2
Broken Arrow Shenandoah $194,674 1,461 3 2 2
Broken Arrow Naples $204,627 1,604 3 2 2
Broken Arrow Tahoe $210,857 1,818 4 2.5 2
Broken Arrow Madison $247,861 2,032 3 2 2
Collinsville Jefferson $235,261 2,032 3 2 2
Jenks Tahoe $214,641 1,818 4 2.5 2

We Value Our Realtors

At Capital Homes, we consider Realtors to be our partners. Just as we strive to perfect the sales and building process for each customer, we know you strive to provide the optimal buying experience for your client. When you bring a client through our doors, you can be assured that they will be working with an experienced builder that believes in professionalism and high standards.

For your convenience, this section of our site is specially designed to provide Realtors with our most up-to-date pricing and inventory. Register your client, and we will be in touch with detailed information tailored to their needs.

We look forward to working with you and your client in one of our great communities.

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