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Smart Home

Enjoy the flexibility to make your home as smart as you’d like — with NO monthly fees!

One Control for All Devices

At Capital Homes, we chose to partner with Brilliant. Brilliant is an in-wall lighting and control system that makes it easy for homeowners, families, and guests to control lighting, doorbells, cameras, music, climate, intercom, scenes, garage doors, and so much more. Every home comes standard with a Brilliant control system, smart dimmer switch, smart thermostat, ring video doorbell, wifi garage door opener, and pre-wired for your alarm system. Now every home can be a smart home, talk with your New Home Specialists to find out more. 

What’s Included in Your Smart Home
Built-in Alexa Voice Control

Built-in Alexa Voice Control

Put voice control in your walls and enjoy the convenience of clutter-free voice control with visual responses on Brilliant’s screen.

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Easily control your lights using Brilliant’s touchscreen, touch sliders, built-in Alexa voice control, and built-in motion sensor. Turning regular lights into smart lights.

Ring Camera Monitoring

Ring Camera Monitoring

View live video on your Brilliant Control with or without your phone. You can also arm/disarm your Ring security system using Alexa on the Brilliant Control.

Your Digital Photo Frame

Your Digital Photo Frame

Display your favorite photos and artwork on Brilliant’s screen to make your home feel more like home.

  • Built-in Camera  with Privacy ShutterBuilt-in Camera  with Privacy Shutter

    Built-in Camera with Privacy Shutter

    Check-in on the room with your control panel and see a live video feed from the all-in-one Brilliant mobile app. With two-way audio, you can also speak with people at home from anywhere. You decide if the cameras are to be accessible during setup and you can always take the extra step of blocking a camera using the physical privacy shutter.

    • Home Automation Including Scenes and RoutinesHome Automation Including Scenes and Routines

      Home Automation Including Scenes and Routines

      Control multiple smart home products simultaneously with a single action triggered via touch, voice, motion, or a scheduled time. Create scenes for leaving home, arriving home, dinner time, TV watching, goodnight, and countless other experiences.

      Every Home is a Smart Home
      Brilliant touchscreen panels make it easy for everyone in the home to control lighting, climate, access, music, home automation scenes, and more.
      Every Brilliant Control includes built-in Alexa with audio and visual responses, which eliminates the need to add voice assistant clutter to countertops.
      Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switches allow you to add affordable smart lighting through an entire home. They support dimming, voice control, motion detection, double tap-scene control, and supports multiway circuits.
      Set your home’s temperature from Brilliant’s touch screen, mobile app, using voice commands, or by activating a scene.
      See who is at the door without having to take out your phone or check in on your security cameras for peace of mind.
      All Together Now

      Brilliant unites all your favorite smart home devices together in one simple-to-use control system, and helps them work better together. Here’s a list of just a few brands that can be paired with the device.

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