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Crafting Homes with Heart in the Heartland

Crafting Homes with Heart in the Heartland

December 18, 2023

Nestled in the heart of the States, Oklahoma boasts a unique blend of diverse cultures, rich history, and a climate that ranges from the heat of summer to the crispness of winter. When it comes to designing homes that truly reflect the essence of the State, incorporating elements that resonate with local tastes is key. Let's dive into some interior design inspirations tailored for Oklahoma homes.

1. Earthy Color Palettes:

Oklahoma's landscapes, from rolling plains to woods, inspire a color palette rooted in earthy tones. Consider warm hues like terra cotta, sage green, and deep ochre. These colors not only bring a touch of nature indoors but also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

2. Rustic Elegance:

Embrace the rustic charm that echoes the state's agricultural history. Incorporate reclaimed wood elements in furniture and decor, adding a touch of authenticity to your interiors. Weathered finishes and distressed textures can evoke a sense of timelessness, connecting the modern home to Oklahoma's past.

3. Southwestern Flair:

Infuse Southwestern influences into your design with patterns, vibrant textiles, and rustic pottery. Consider adding rugs, patterns, and colorful accents to pay homage to the different cultures that have shaped Oklahoma's identity.

4. Open and Airy Spaces:

Given Oklahoma's spacious landscapes, we design your interiors to maximize open and airy spaces. We create large window spaces that invite natural light, creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living. This design choice not only brightens the home but also captures the expansive feel of the state.

5. Weather-Resistant Fabrics:

Here in Oklahoma, we experience a range of weather conditions, from hot summers to chilly winters. Choose durable, weather-resistant fabrics for upholstery and furnishings. Consider options like leather, or performance fabrics that can withstand the demands of the changing seasons while maintaining style and comfort.

6. Farmhouse Chic:

Blend the charm of rural living with contemporary design by embracing farmhouse chic. This style emphasizes simplicity, natural materials, and vintage-inspired decor. Incorporate elements like barn doors, exposed beams, and open shelving to achieve a cozy yet modern farmhouse look.

7. Art Inspired by Landscape:

Celebrate Oklahoma's breathtaking scenery by incorporating artwork that reflects the landscape. From paintings of golden wheat fields to photography capturing the vastness of the prairies, local art can be a powerful way to connect your home to the beauty of the State. 

Designing an Oklahoma home involves embracing the state's unique cultural and natural beauty. By incorporating earthy color palettes, rustic elements, and a touch of Southwestern flair, you can create interiors that not only reflect local tastes but also provide a comfortable and inviting sanctuary inspired by the beauty of Oklahoma. Visit to start planning your dream home and work with our in-house designer to create the home of your dreams!

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