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Find our Why The Tacoma Tops the List of Capital Homes Most Popular Floor Plans

Find our Why The Tacoma Tops the List of Capital Homes Most Popular Floor Plans

August 29, 2023

At Capital Homes, we know that every home has its own charm, a unique combination of elements that makes it special. Within the diverse portfolio of Capital Homes, a particular design has stood out, consistently grabbing the admiration and preference from perspective homeowners all over – the Tacoma Floor Plan. If you've been wondering what has elevated this specific design to such heights of popularity, you've wandered to the right place. Let's explore the allure of the Tacoma Floor Plan and why more customers are calling it home.

Tacoma Floor Plan: Synonymous with Contemporary Excellence

Capital Homes has always been at the forefront of creating modern home designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing for all walks of life and for every season of life. The Tacoma Floor Plan is a testament to this dedication, offering homeowners a space that feels both inviting and innovative while providing comfort and safety.

1. Spatial Brilliance

The beauty of the Tacoma Floor Plan lies in its impeccable layout. Capital Homes has managed to craft a space that is expansive yet intimate. The clever distribution of rooms ensures that every square foot is used optimally, making sure there's no wasted space for you or your loved ones. This means homeowners can enjoy spacious living areas without compromising on cozy corners.

2. Adaptability at its Best

Understanding that every family is unique, the Tacoma Floor Plan is designed with adaptability in mind. Whether you're a photographer needing a studio, a remote worker needing a home office, or a family requiring an additional game room, this floor plan can accommodate your evolving needs while still providing a beautiful place for you to call home.

3. Focus on Natural Lighting

We love some light! Natural light can transform a home, making it feel airy, larger, and more welcoming. The Tacoma Floor Plan features large, strategically placed windows that invite an abundance of natural light. Not only does this make for stunning aesthetics, but it also promotes health and well-being by creating a brighter living environment, uplifting spaces, and bonus... an optimal mood booster. 

4. Seamless Blending of Indoors and Outdoors

Modern homeowners are increasingly looking for homes that offer a blend of indoor and outdoor living. We don't blame you either! The Tacoma design beautifully bridges this gap, offering outdoor spaces like patios or terraces that flow naturally from the interiors. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue to watch the big game or simply enjoying a cup of joe on a breezy morning, this floor plan makes it all the more enjoyable. We know as Oklahomans we like to view all the seasons. This floor plan provides a perfect space for doing exactly that all year round!

5. Master Suite - A Luxurious Getaway

One cannot discuss the Tacoma without mentioning its amazing master suite. It's not just a bedroom; it's a sanctuary. With ample space, high-quality finishes, and a spa-inspired bathroom, homeowners get a daily dose of luxury. I think we can all agree there's no better way to start and finish your day!

6. Crafted with Quality in Mind

Beyond its visual appeal, the Tacoma Floor Plan stands as a testament to Capital Homes' commitment to quality. Built with top-notch materials, locally sourced, and designed to last, homeowners can be confident in their investment, knowing that they’re getting a home builder that combines style, durability, and structural integrity with every home we build.

Experience the Magic of Tacoma

It's clear that the Tacoma Floor Plan isn't just another design; it's a lifestyle choice. Its ability to blend modernity with comfort while ensuring adaptability and luxury makes it an absolute favorite among Capital Homes customers and employees. If you're looking for a home builder near you that promises a balanced, beautiful, and practical living experience, Capital Homes and the Tacoma might just be your dream come true. If you'd like to see this beautiful home in person, please come visit our beautiful model home in Owasso at The Reserve at Parker Village to see for yourself. 

To dive deeper into the details and visualize this architectural masterpiece, visit and explore the Tacoma Floor Plan. Your journey towards a harmonious living experience begins with us.

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